Absentee Owner Home Maintenance and Repair:

We will do weekly inspections of your vacant home, looking for things such as a properly running HVAC system (air conditioning and heating).  The air conditioner will reduce humidity and moisture within your home and prevent any unpleasant odor or mold growth during the warm weather season.  In the winter months, we will verify that the heating system is maintaining the desired temperature to prevent pipes from freezing during the colder weather.  This also includes checking any air filters on a monthly basis to ensure a clean and proper airflow.  Once a month we will run the dishwasher and washing machine to prevent the seals from drying out due to the lack of usage.  On the exterior of your home, we will look for any damage to the siding and roof shingles.  We will check to be sure that all windows and doors are securely locked and that there are no broken windows/glass.  At the end of each week we will send you an email to update you on your property. *Please contact us for a complete home maintenance checklist.


We specialize in finish/finesse trim work including, but not limited to, custom wainscoting, window valances, window and door trim and railings.

Ceiling Fans:

Installation of all types of ceiling fans. 

Closet Shelving:

We will help you organize your closets with new shelving and cabinetry to maximize your storage space.

Deck Repair:

All types of deck repair including pressure-treated lumber and composite decking.

Interior Doors:

Installation of all types of interior doors including solid wood and hollow core doors.

Drywall Repair:

Wall repair and finishing.

Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Our dryer vent cleaning process thoroughly removes any lint deposits left within the exhaust pipe of your dryer.  This includes any lint deposits from the dryer all the way to the point where it exits the house.  This will help reduce your utility consumption and drying time, thereby extending the life of your dryer.  The vent cleaning process also reduces the risk of a house fire caused by lint build up. 

Flooring Repair:

Repair of any damage to hardwood or tile flooring. 

Garage Organization:

We can help you get your garage back by maximizing the space with shelving and cabinetry.

HVAC Filter Replacement:

We will replace all types of heating and air conditioning filters once a month or as needed. 

Light Fixtures:

Installation of interior and exterior lighting.


Prepping and painting of walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Safety Grab Bars:

Installation of grab bars and handrails in bathrooms, hallways, or any other area of the home where safety is a concern. 

Screen Repair:

On site window and door screen repair.


Installation of railings for decks, porches and stairs.

Storm/Screen Door:

Installation of storm/screen doors.

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